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COOL JAZZ by Peeter Kuutma

COOL JAZZ by Peeter Kuutma

CoolJazz is handtufted rug , made with finest thin New Zealand yarn. Its designed by most famous textile designer in region, legendary artist Peeter Kuutma. He is a well-known figure on the Nordic tectile art scene and his acclaimed work can be found in numerous stately reception rooms and residences.


    Peeter Kuutma (b.1938) has studied textile art and design in the Estonian Academy of Arts. His works can be found in the archives of the Estonian Museum of Art and Design, but also in private collections in Russia, the United States, Germany  and Japan. 
    Peeter Kuutma has exhibited in Estonia, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and Latvia. To this day he has stayed active on the art scene and continues to create new designs.


    Please send us the size of your carpet or your room layout and we send you an offer with customized carpet design. 
    We do not charge any extra for custom size or color change. Only limits we have is either very large sizes or limited color range for some yarn types. But we always find a solution for you!

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