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AMEBA by Krõõt Kukkur

AMEBA by Krõõt Kukkur

Ameba is one of the craziest  rug in our collection designed by most promising young designer in the region Krõõt Kukkur. Its handknotted wool rug made with 2 different heights and with Chinese silk details to give to the rug most dramatic and lively effect. Long black fringes on side are available as extra detail.  


    Krõõt Kukkur is an Estonian artist and designer who focuses on illustration, but experiments with many techniques and styles to keep it interesting. The main inspiration for the artist is nature, colors and materials.


    Please send us the size of your carpet or your room layout and we send you an offer with customized carpet design. 
    We do not charge any extra for custom size or color change. Only limits we have is either very large sizes or limited color range for some yarn types. But we always find a solution for you!


    We ship to all countries in European Union. Delivery times depend on the type of carpet. Hand-tuft carpets are delivered in 4- 6 weeks and hand-knotted rugs can take up to 12 weeks. 

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